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Why Have a Wedding Film?

Welcome and thank you for considering me for your special day!

My name's Peter and when I'm not filming weddings I also work as a television producer for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Sky and many others.

I offer a discreet service using top of the range, HD equipment, including DSLR cameras, GoPros, sliders and steadicams - all the things needed to give your wedding a proper 'cinematic' look.

Examples of my work can be found further along to your right, along with testimonials from other delighted couples.  If there's anything the website hasn't told you about me or the service I provide, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope your wedding day is as magical as it should be

No matter if the wedding is big or small, traditional or everyone is dressed as characters from Star Wars, there’s one thing that all brides agree on – the day whizzes past in a flash!


There’s two main ways you can remember this wonderful, but fleeting day – photos and video, and to be honest, when the day is going to be one of your happiest, why would you not want to use both to capture the magic?


Video captures your day in a way that photos never could – it’s not just singular moments frozen in time, there is so much more detail that a video picks up – technically it’s 25 photos every second, all joined together!


Videos aren’t just for you – share them with friends and family and when your children ask what your wedding day was like, the video will make them feel like they were there!




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This is what the If It Moves package includes


Service Includes

On The Discs


Reduced Package

10 hours coverage - usually from 10:30am (bride and bridesmaids’ preparations) until 8:30pm (first dance).  The start time may need to be earlier depending on the time of your ceremony.


All shot in HD - I use top of the range DSLRs and GoPros.


3 copies - either DVDs or Blu-rays (or a mixture) in great-looking, metal presentation cases.


Extra copies - are an additional £20 each in a metal presentation case, £12 each in a hard plastic case, or you can copy them yourself.


Music clearance - the music in your films will be copyright cleared through the appropriate bodies.

The Long Cut – a beautifully edited and colour graded, cinematic montage, set to music of your choice, giving an overview of the whole day.  It is interspersed with snippets of audio where appropriate (vows, speeches).  This will be between 25 and 35 minutes.


The Short Cut – like the Long Cut, but shorter!  Set to one song, this will be under 5 minutes.


Vows & Speeches – the entire exchanging of vows and speeches will be included as an extra on the disc.  Shot on a wide angled, static camera, they won't look as beautiful as the montages, but you'll have them.


Custom Menu – a professional menu from which you can decide what film you want to see.

Also included in the package is:


Data USB Stick - this contains digital copies of the Long and Short Cuts – perfect for putting on your iPhone, iPad or other smart device, or for sharing on the web.


Online Short  and Long Cuts - I will upload your Short and Long Cuts to the If It Moves Vimeo page on a private link so that you can easily share it with family and friends.


Ditch the discs and save £50 - You still get everything you would on a disc (montages, vows and speeches), but if you choose to have them as just files on a USB stick rather than discs, I'll knock £50 off the total.

The reduced package is ideal for brides on a tight budget or those who just want something short, sweet yet beautiful & stylish to remember their day.  It includes:


10 hours coverage - just like the full package, I'll be there from bride prep to first dance.


Just the Short Cut - You will receive a stunning montage set to a song of your choice.  It will be around 5 minutes in length.


Vows and speeches - after your Short Cut, the vows and speeches in full will play (filmed from a static wide shot only).


Data Disc & Online version - you will get a separate disc with an HD MP4 version of the Short Cut to play on your phone/computer/tablet, as well as a private Vimeo link to share with friends and family.

The If It Moves package is £1400

The reduced package is £700

If you’d like me to stay longer than 10 hours, it’s an extra £30 per half hour.

Weddings over 50 miles away will be an additional (40 pence per mile) cost.

Ditch the discs and save £50!  Request your films on USB stick only


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The If It Moves packages is adjustable to make it suit your particular requirements.